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Anyone who had known me personally would have been aware that I’m the father of twin daughters aged about 3 now. In my journey with them over these past 3 years, they taught me so much about product management that unconsciously I became biased. Not sure if it is for good or bad, but I’m unable to find myself out of this predicament that I’m biased.

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The pandemic made life difficult for a lot of people in different ways. People missed social interactions, going out on a whim, enjoying theatre and travel (Oh, I am going into the trouble, social element per se). That made people look into other ways of entertaining themselves. Being one of those people, I resorted to revisiting some drama series from the past but with a twist. I started looking for Product Management lessons in each of those that I planned to watch.

Among the various series I watched, Suits was one of the most impressive. For those of you who…

A Product Owner is a member of the Scrum team. It’s a crucial role for the team as well as the organization. S/he is a Value optimizer and helps with the realization of goals. From establishing a Product vision to stakeholder management to market releases, there are several responsibilities for a Product Owner. The role demands a person to be a business representative and a user advocate so that the right value is created. In order to fulfill the associated duties, one should develop the necessary skills. …

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As a budding Product manager, I made several mistakes in my career earlier and yet survived. That probably helped in shaping better for the present and the future. But in retrospect, I feel that could have avoided at least a few mistakes if I paid attention to them. Given the fierce competition these days, it is essential that PMs prevent any such mishaps as much as they can. Amongst several of such mistakes from my career, I chose to confess the below.

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Early in the career, when one steps into a new role or a new organization, there is always…

Recently, I was having a conversation with a bunch of Product management enthusiasts/ Practitioners and one of the discussion points was the identification of customer needs. We all know that at any given time, the focus should be on what users need over what users want. For this, we need insights from the customers (or users) and not assume the asks.

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Similar to the 5 Rights of Medication Administration that results in the desired outcomes for the health, the Product Manager should get 5 things right. The below 5 rights of Product Management slightly differ from the run of the…

Product management is a strategic role and it encompasses several aspects that need to be taken care of. As a product manager, one doesn’t immerse oneself entirely just in feature creation but focuses on problem-solving with an experience that makes users stick to the product without any hesitation.

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Product management is already elegant and popular. But not being a very well defined function, it might be different to different people. But, there is certainly a common ground. In addition to that, what would it be if we have a manifesto for product optimization along the lines of the Agile manifesto…

Scrum was developed in the early 90s. The founders have created a great framework to help the developers as well as the business teams by eliminating the waste. Over the years, the guidance has evolved based on best practices and some context-based practices as well. The founders have made small updates in the revised versions of the Scrum guide with the latest one being in 2020. The soul of Scrum is still the same and for the unlearned, the latest guide is a great place to start. …

Over the last several years, Product management has become the most sought-after work profile. The Product board calls this period the golden age of product management. They have compelling statistics to prove their point based on a study by Neal Iyer. This indeed is an interesting profession as it deals with the entire product spectrum from discovery to the definition, design to delivery, and further beyond.

The understanding of the function is still widely varied and based on individual opinions. To add to the confusion around this, several frameworks have appeared with claims of making life easy for Product managers…


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